Nurse Clinics

Our team of Registered Veterinary Nurses have extensive training in a wide range of areas of animal care and can provide many clinics for our patients. Your pet can visit our nurses for a 15 minute consultation for the following reasons:

Weight Checks and Weight reduction clinics

Dental clinics

Geriatric Clinics

Postoperative checkups

Neutering advice

Bandage changes

Parasite control clinics


Preoperative admission

Preventative Health Care advice

Expression of anal glands

nurse clinics

Alongside helping your pets in a consultation, our nurses are trained to:

Provide appropriate pain relief

Monitor patients under anaesthesia

Carry out diagnostic procedures

Provide regular and diligent care for our `{`hospitalised patients`}`

Provide wound care

Assist in surgeries

Give medications

Perform in­house testing of blood and urine samples

Many of our nurses are interested in supplementary learning and driving the veterinary nursing profession forward. They have undertaken additional training and research into aspects of pet care, such as: wound care, obesity management, physiotherapy and emergency medicine.

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