We are privileged to have the services of a consultant veterinary ophthalmologist, Tamir Spiegel, who has been treating eye conditions in cats and dogs since 2007.

He offers a referral service for our patients with eye problems ­ both medical and surgical ­ and also provides preventative ophthalmology checks. Pets with complex eye conditions can be promptly examined and treated, meaning they will be feeling better sooner.

If your pet has an emergency eye problem you can ask your vet to refer them to Tamir during or outwith normal working hours. Of course any owner can call our usual 24 hour emergency line on 0131 440 4229.


Ophthalmology Referral Services

For external vets, Tamir now provides his exciting ophthalmology referral service in our practice.

The service offers you and your clients comprehensive, professional and personal veterinary care facilitated throughout Scotland.
He can be contacted 7 days a week both during the day and out of hours.
He always tries to work in partnership with you as the referring vet – providing gold standard medical and surgical ophthalmological treatment.

Tamir manages his own ophthalmic cases and does so in a thorough manner; however he is a great believer in resolving cases as fast as possible in the least invasive way. Tamir is fully equipped with extensive diagnostic and microsurgical operating facilities.


If you would like to refer a case you can call 0131 440 4229  or visit for further information.


Please call 07699 741737 to page the emergency service and ask for an emergency ophthalmology referral.

Contact us today to talk to one of our staff about preventative health care