Preventative Health Care

At ICR Vets we are passionate about prevention. Giving you peace of mind while providing the best care for your pet is the ethos of ICR Vets.

With no protection our pets are prone to some serious illnesses, however with some simple measures they can be protected as much as possible, taking a load of worry off your shoulders.

A couple of health checks per year alongside simple monthly measures are often all that is needed to prevent life­ threatening diseases and easily ­avoided illnesses, your time to be spent enjoying the company of your pet.

preventative health care

No owner likes the thought of their pet becoming ill, so to minimise this ICR vets offers a complete range of preventative health care services:

Our affordable Healthy Pet Club allows you to ensure you’re doing the best for your pet with costs spread over small monthly payments. Twice yearly checks with a vet, all vaccinations and flea and worming prevention are included. Click here to find out more about this exclusive pet club.

Vaccinations and parasite control are the cornerstone of preventative care, providing powerful protection against some very deadly diseases. Vaccinations and parasite control are included in the Healthy Pet Club.

Dental disease is a toothache for most pets, with over 70% of cats and dogs affected. As our pets are often in pain from dental disease we offer free nursing clinics to diagnose, evaluate and provide advice on dental care. Alongside free nursing clinics, members of the Healthy Pet Club receive a 10% discount on dental procedures.

Routine spaying and neutering prevents many diseases of our pets, as well as unwanted puppies and kittens, who can often be disowned. Members of the Healthy Pet Club receive a 10% discount on routine spay and neuters.

Nutrition and weight control can be an uphill struggle for many pet owners, so we are here to help ­ with free nurse weight clinics and nutrition advice. You will never be alone in managing your pet’s weight, taking a whole weight off your mind. Click here for more information.


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