Our Services

Our patients will always be fully cared for with our diverse and modern range of services: from keyhole and orthopaedic surgery to acupuncture and free nurse clinics, we will be able to provide for your pet.

Over the years we have expanded the range of services we provide for our patients. One of the most popular and up­to­date services is laparoscopic, or keyhole, surgery, which offers a minimally invasive option for many procedures.

We are proud to be one of the first veterinary practices in Scotland to offer laparoscopic (keyhole) spays, with over 700 procedures successfully performed and 7 years experience. We also offer full surgical facilities for other procedures, including orthopaedic and ophthalmic surgery.

Our extensive diagnostic equipment enables us to quickly and accurately diagnose any problems your pet might encounter. With endoscopy, fully digital x­ray and ultrasound we have the ability to investigate many problems without the need for a referral. We have in­ house blood analysis, which is quick and easy as results are obtained within an hour. We are are currently developing our in-­house cytology and microscopy, meaning many samples can be analysed the same day they are taken. These facilities mean your pet can be diagnosed, treated and on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

If a patient needs to stay with us, our modern cattery and kennel facilities ensure that our patients are kept as comfortable and stress-­free as possible during this period.

Explore our comprehensive range of services below


Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery)

A laparoscopic (keyhole) technique is minimally invasive surgery, therefore a better option for our patients; this fits in with our caring ethos at ICR Vets.



We have a consultant ophthalmologist in our practice, who brings expert knowledge and years of experience to pets with eye problems.

diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

Modern facilities and tests mean quicker, in-­house diagnosis is available.



From x-­rays to extraction, our full range of dental care will make your pet more comfortable.

medical services

Medical Services

We have a modern, evidence­-based and welfare focused approach to medicine.

nurse clinics

Nurse Clinics

Dental health, parasite control and weight clinics are just a few of the clinics our fully qualified nurses can offer.



We are now offering this service in all of our branches, undertaken by our own vet Tyler McNeil. Click here to learn more about the potential benefits of veterinary acupuncture.

in-house tests

In-House Tests

Learn more about blood analysis and other in-­house tests we might advise for your pet.



From castrations to keyhole surgery, our expansive range of surgical services ensure your pet is in safe hands if the need to operate arises.



Our approach to anaesthesia is one that puts the welfare and safety of the patient at the forefront at all times. We are constantly endeavouring to improve our anaesthetic protocols with the current best practice. Click here to learn more about the anaesthesia we provide to the patients under our care.



Bone fractures and ligament injuries can be very worrying, however at ICR we have both the experience and expertise to quickly diagnose and treat orthopaedic conditions. We regularly fix cruciate ligaments in dogs and we can get your pet back on all four legs if they do happen to have a fracture.

cat friendly clinic

Cat-Friendly Clinic

Click here to find out more about our services for feline patients.

emergency services

Our Emergency Services

We are always ready to receive an unexpected case or emergency. In contrast to many veterinary practices moving to using external out of hours providers, we use our own vets to care for any patients requiring emergency care when the practice is closed. This means you will always see your own vet.



No pet owner wishes to see their beloved pet suffer. At ICR Vets we provide this very important service, in order to save a pet from unnecessary suffering. We provide house calls for this service.

emergency services

Client Services

We will endeavour to assist our clients financially when pets become ill. Payment is always required at the time of discharge of patients, however we can assist with pet insurance insurance payments for veterinary fees by claiming directly to the practice. This is subject to certain requirements.

preventative health care

Preventative Health Care

At ICR Vets we love to prevent diseases and you can rest assured we will have your pet covered. We have a Healthy Pet Club to cover the cost of prevention and a lot of other prevention free, such as all our nursing clinics.



We ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible during a stay with us. Click here to see how we provide the best care to our hospitalised patients.

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